Over the past 11 years, both Hari Achuthan and Don Pollard have synergistically collaborated to transform Convalt Energy into a solar module manufacturer, with a vertical integration plan already in progress. This plan includes the manufacturing of polysilicon, ingots, wafers, cells, and modules. Once operational, this vertically integrated factory will be among a select few in the United States producing at such a large scale. In addition, Convalt Energy continues to develop renewable projects in the U.S

Thanks to an extensive network for sourcing or creating transactions and a commendable track record in fund management, we're on a mission to reinvigorate American manufacturing and return critical technology production to U.S. soil. Our Fund also proudly supports employment in low-income regions or areas that have suffered job loss, fostering opportunities for the disadvantaged and our cherished veterans.

IAC is set to launch two investment funds: